Luxuriate in the exquisiteness of the Fabulous Aesthetics experience with world-class beauty treatments.

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Have your dreams come true with our Fabulous slimming treatments.


The Secret
to Beauty


Be transformed from being a face
in the crowd to one the crowd faces.


Radiant Smile

Teeth Whitening

Glow in the splendour of a sparkling,
radiant smile that illuminates confidence.


Smooth Silky

Hair Removal

Strip down to the bare essentials
and we will have you smooth walkin’ away.


Indoor Tanning

Forget the sun, forget the sweat. Glam it up by tanning in style.


A Message From Our CEO

“At Fabulous Aesthetics, we strongly believe in creating tremendous value for our clients by building trust towards our brand promise of achieving quick results at the shortest time using state of the art top end equipment. We also believe in seeking to understand our customers needs first before imparting our knowledge and professionalism to help and achieve excellent results for you.

With the lines between the beauty industry and medical aesthetics profession blurring in the recent years, high end beauty salons like us have owned the dynamic option to invest in medical grade equipment and this has opened possibilities of consumers to be able to enjoy top end treatments and great results without visiting and spending big tickets with aesthetic doctors.

Our pride and joy at Fabulous Aesthetics is helping you achieve beauty. We look forward to continue serving and engaging with you to make your experience with us a Fabulous one.”

Rich Sng
Fabulous Aesthetics Founder & CEO

What Customers Say About
Fabulous Aesthetics

  • "The IPL hair removal treatment by Fabulous Aesthetics is really good. A great alternative for people who don't enjoy waxing or shaving. It's absolutely painless, and the cooling sensation during the treatment is kind of enjoyable."


  • "The whole teeth whitening treatment took only 30 to 40 minutes. It's a pretty good treatment because after the whole process, I could see that my teeth were whiter and a shade lighter."


  • "I just did the Dermal Infusion Therapy. My face feels really smooth, taut and unclogged. Basically, what it does is unclog your pores, hydrate it and make your skin feel tauter. Thank you Fabulous Aesthetics. I am very happy with the results."


  • "My experience at Fabulous has been great since my first day here. Everyone knows me by name, what I like and what I don't like - always very attentive, making sure everyone is taken care of. Great experience overall. I'll be coming back for a long time."


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